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A cidade (Ary dos Santos lyrics: “A cidade é um chão de palavras pisadas”)

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Cidade, a
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Not to be confused with a different work with the same title. There are three works by Ary dos Santos entitled “A cidade”:
1. A poem first published in his book “Insofrimento In Sofrimento” (1969) — the first poem in the series “In Sofrimento”. First line: “A cidade é um chão de palavras pisadas”.
2. This work. Lyrics to José Afonso's song with the same title, first released in his album “Contos velhos, rumos novos” (1969). The lyrics are based on the published poem with very few changes.
3. Lyrics to a song of the same title with music by Nuno Nazareth Fernandes. Written for Simone de Oliveira, but first recorded by Maria Armanda in her LP “Pão Caseiro”. First line: “Em Lisboa não morro mas espero”.

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NameFormatISBNRelease Date
As palavras das cantigas (4th edition)Paperback97897255021051997-02
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