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My booksEdition5069indy1332024-05-19 14:42:21
Gustav-Landauer-Bibliothek WittenBooks in our library (incomplete).Edition1800Gustav Landauer Library Witten2024-05-18 13:36:49
Gustav-Landauer-SammlungSammlung von Medien innerhalb der Gustav-Landauer-Bibliothek Witten rund um Gustav Landauer.Edition197Gustav Landauer Library Witten2024-05-18 13:36:49
Books I ownEdition128KatGrrrl2024-05-11 18:24:58
Jim ButcherAuthor0ChrisP2024-05-04 03:39:43
ReadBooks I've readWork5lazybookwyrm2024-04-30 07:01:08
Red Planet reading recommendationsBook recommendations from the podcast/roundtable "Red Planet" on Twitch/YouTube: * Episodes: * Clips: * Live streams (Sundays, 2PM PT): 20:50:40
my bookshelfphysical books I ownEdition15UltimateRiff2024-04-14 17:46:54
Owned BooksEdition10lazybookwyrm2024-04-08 08:19:44
Books by Janet RobertsAll books by Janet Roberts. https://booksbyjanetroberts.comEdition4WPAauthor772024-04-01 22:00:05
My booksMy Books Work1abdelhamidrobaa2024-03-29 21:57:48
Libros no leídosLecturas que aún no leo de mi biblioteca.Edition9Early64312024-03-13 22:53:58
The CosmereThe cosmere is a fictional shared universe where many of Brandon Sanderson's books take place. As a result, books set in the cosmere share a single cosmology and underlying rules of magic, and some characters from one world will make appearances on other worlds. Despite the connections, Brandon has remained clear that one does not need any knowledge of the broader cosmere to read, understand, or enjoy books that take place in the cosmere.Work16ComputerWolf2024-03-13 22:20:17
testfdsjfkAuthor0MohamedAli009492024-03-03 21:25:25
ReadSpecific editions of books I have read(/consumed) at least once.Edition23Freso2024-03-03 19:46:30
The Horus HeresySeries0Uziel99992024-02-10 21:04:51
Home booksBooks in my home Work0matteo.pedani2024-01-31 09:55:34
Wobblies, members of the IWWPeople who were, at one point or another, a registered wobbly, member of the IWW, the Industrial Workers of the World. See also similar collection on MusicBrainz: 07:08:28
FantasyEdition2ernstlx2023-12-29 22:48:05
ASCAPMUSICAL COMPOSER KARAM JAMEEL MOORE 515570268Publisher0wawmart2023-12-27 10:01:10