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Public Collections

NameDescriptionEntity TypeEntitiesOwnerLast Modified
My booksEdition4581indy1332024-02-21 16:18:51
Gustav-Landauer-Bibliothek WittenBooks in our library (incomplete).Edition1611Gustav Landauer Library Witten2024-02-21 14:19:30
Books I ownEdition87KatGrrrl2024-02-20 18:21:35
The Horus HeresySeries0Uziel99992024-02-10 21:04:51
Gustav-Landauer-SammlungSammlung von Medien innerhalb der Gustav-Landauer-Bibliothek Witten rund um Gustav Landauer.Edition175Gustav Landauer Library Witten2024-02-09 15:39:05
ReadSpecific editions of books I have read(/consumed) at least once.Edition20Freso2024-02-04 13:12:02
Home booksBooks in my home Work0matteo.pedani2024-01-31 09:55:34
Wobblies, members of the IWWPeople who were, at one point or another, a registered wobbly, member of the IWW, the Industrial Workers of the World. See also similar collection on MusicBrainz: 07:08:28
my bookshelfphysical books I ownEdition14UltimateRiff2024-01-09 23:27:24
FantasyEdition2ernstlx2023-12-29 22:48:05
ASCAPMUSICAL COMPOSER KARAM JAMEEL MOORE 515570268Publisher0wawmart2023-12-27 10:01:10
ASCAPMUSICAL COMPOSER KARAM JAMEEL MOORE 515570268Publisher0wawmart2023-12-27 10:00:54
Members of SAC SyndikalisternaPeople who were, at one point or another, a member of the Swedish syndicalist union “Sveriges Arbetares Centralorganisation”. Website: Wikipedia: Similar collection for members of the international syndicalist union Industrial Workers of the World (IWW): 23:38:00
My BooksWork0StalkerHumanoid2023-11-11 17:33:03
BooksAuthor0overtenemy4202023-11-04 23:46:58
Senandung Hati Yang TersuratAuthor1Forte Group Kupang2023-11-04 12:45:34
Monkey's bookshelfEditions I have in my bookshelfEdition15Monkey2023-10-25 09:44:10
Books I've readWork0prabalsingh242023-10-02 08:39:49
Musician and band (auto)biographiesBooks about musicians and bandsWork11phw2023-09-22 17:22:34
MusiciansAuthor17phw2023-09-22 17:20:09