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NameDescriptionEntity TypeEntitiesOwnerLast Modified
DeichmanskeBøker hos Deichmanske (I Oslo)Edition109CatQuest, the Endeavouring Cat!2022-01-16 22:19:57
My collectionBooks that I ownEdition6regagain2022-01-16 20:27:47
My booksEdition1949indy1332022-01-16 18:10:27
Gustav-Landauer-Bibliothek WittenBooks in our library (incomplete).Edition72Gustav Landauer Library Witten2022-01-14 15:43:07
Gustav-Landauer-SammlungSammlung von Medien innerhalb der Gustav-Landauer-Bibliothek Witten rund um Gustav Landauer.Edition20Gustav Landauer Library Witten2022-01-08 13:09:28
Books I am currently readingWork3ShivamAwasthi2022-01-07 15:41:50
Read authors – want moreAuthors I have read and that I want to read more fromAuthor6regagain2022-01-06 12:28:33
Read authorsAuthors I have readAuthor8regagain2022-01-06 12:28:33
Read (2022)Edition1regagain2022-01-06 10:20:16
splintered8080My book collectionEdition99splintered80802022-01-05 18:41:56
Read (2021)Books I read in 2021.Edition4regagain2022-01-01 10:06:16
Want to read (fr)Work2regagain2022-01-01 10:05:07
To ReadEditionGroup1commagray2021-12-27 23:30:43
Authors I want to readAuthor3regagain2021-12-26 21:11:57
Persoonlijke collectieEdition1Samsatus2021-12-15 15:35:28
JP worksjust so I can link this once instead of flooding the chan hi #metabrainz! 🙋 Work6CatQuest, the Endeavouring Cat!2021-12-08 16:34:14
FreakonomicsA Rogue economist Explores The Hidden Side of EverythingWork0whoesnext2021-08-30 00:27:32
La Pléiade - OwnEdition1ulugabi2021-06-20 09:59:17
Books I borrowedEdition6Monkey2021-06-08 19:06:04
Books I've ReadJust the books I've read, when I get a chance to add them.Work0RetroPunk2021-05-30 09:20:20