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Unlocked Achievements
Revisionist I

Perform one revision

Revisionist II

Perform 50 revisions

Author Creator I

Create one author

Author Creator II

Create 10 authors

Publisher I

Create one edition group

Publisher II

Create 10 edition groups


Create 10 revisions in an hour

Publisher Creator I

Create one publisher

Publisher Creator II

Create 10 publishers

Limited Edition I

Create one edition

Limited Edition II

Create 10 editions

Worker Bee I

Create one work

Worker Bee II

Create 10 works

Locked Achievements
Revisionist III

Perform 250 revisions

Author Creator III

Create 100 authors

Publisher III

Create 100 edition groups

Fun Runner

Create a revision every day for a week


Create a revision a day for 30 days

Time Traveller

Create an edition before it is released

Hot Off the Press

Create an edition within a week of its release

Publisher Creator III

Create 100 publishers

Limited Edition III

Create 100 editions

Worker Bee III

Create 100 editions

Explorer I

View 10 different entities

Explorer II

View 100 different entities

Explorer III

View 1000 different entities


Successfully participated in Google Summer of Code