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The Bazaar of Bad Dreams

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Bazaar of Bad Dreams, The
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Collection of short fiction by Stephen King, first published on November 3, 2015.

• "Mile 81"
• "Premium Harmony"
• "Batman and Robin Have an Altercation"
• "The Dune"
• "Bad Little Kid"
• "A Death"
• "The Bone Church"
• "Morality"
• "Afterlife"
• "UR"
• "Herman Wouk Is Still Alive"
• "Under the Weather"
• "Blockade Billy"
• "Mister Yummy"
• "Tommy"
• "The Little Green God of Agony"
• "That Bus Is Another World"
• "Obits"
• "Drunken Fireworks"
• "Summer Thunder"

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NameFormatISBNRelease Date
The Bazaar of Bad DreamsHardcover97815011116792015-11
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