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Night Shift

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Night Shift
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Collection of short stories by Stephen King, first published on February 17, 1978.

• "Jerusalem's Lot"
• "Graveyard Shift"
• "Night Surf"
• "I Am the Doorway"
• "The Mangler"
• "The Boogeyman"
• "Gray Matter"
• "Battleground"
• "Trucks"
• "Sometimes They Come Back"
• "Strawberry Spring"
• "The Ledge"
• "The Lawnmower Man"
• "Quitters, Inc."
• "I Know What You Need"
• "Children of the Corn"
• "The Last Rung on the Ladder"
• "The Man Who Loved Flowers"
• "One for the Road"
• "The Woman in the Room"

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NameFormatISBNRelease Date
Night ShiftHardcover03851299121978-02-17
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