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The Cosmere

The cosmere is a fictional shared universe where many of Brandon Sanderson's books take place. As a result, books set in the cosmere share a single cosmology and underlying rules of magic, and some characters from one world will make appearances on other worlds. Despite the connections, Brandon has remained clear that one does not need any knowledge of the broader cosmere to read, understand, or enjoy books that take place in the cosmere.
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2024-03-13 22:13:33
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NameAuthorLanguagesTypeAdded at
The Way of KingsEnglishNovel2024-03-13 22:17:00
Words of RadianceEnglishNovel2024-03-13 22:17:05
OathbringerEnglishNovel2024-03-13 22:17:10
Rhythm of WarEnglishNovel2024-03-13 22:17:15
Wind and TruthEnglishNovel2024-03-13 22:17:20
Mistborn: The Final EmpireEnglishNovel2024-03-13 22:17:26
Mistborn: The Well of AscensionEnglishNovel2024-03-13 22:17:30
Mistborn: The Hero of AgesEnglishNovel2024-03-13 22:17:36
The Alloy of LawEnglishNovel2024-03-13 22:18:15
Shadows of SelfEnglishNovel2024-03-13 22:18:33
The Bands of MourningEnglishNovel2024-03-13 22:18:38
The Lost MetalEnglishNovel2024-03-13 22:18:41
ElantrisGermanNovel2024-03-13 22:19:03
WarbreakerEnglishNovel2024-03-13 22:19:24
Yumi and the Nightmare PainterEnglishNovel2024-03-13 22:20:14
The Sunlit ManEnglishNovel2024-03-13 22:20:17