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The Three Investigators

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Three Investigators, The
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The Three Investigators is an American juvenile detective book series first published as "Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators". It was created by Robert Arthur Jr.

The Three Investigators books have always been very popular in Germany. They are known there as Die drei ??? (Die drei Fragezeichen, meaning "The Three Question Marks"). For the German series please refer to the Die drei ??? series:

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1The Secret of Terror CastleEnglishNovel
2The Mystery of the Stuttering ParrotEnglishNovel
3The Mystery of the Whispering MummyEnglishNovel
4The Mystery of the Green GhostEnglishNovel
5The Mystery of the Vanishing TreasureEnglishNovel
6The Secret of Skeleton IslandEnglishNovel
7The Mystery of the Fiery EyeEnglishNovel
8The Mystery of the Silver SpiderEnglishNovel
9The Mystery of the Screaming ClockEnglishNovel
10The Mystery of the Moaning CaveEnglishNovel
11The Mystery of the Talking SkullEnglishNovel
12The Mystery of the Laughing ShadowEnglishNovel
13The Secret of the Crooked CatEnglishNovel
14The Mystery of the Coughing DragonEnglishNovel
15The Mystery of the Flaming FootprintsEnglishNovel
16The Mystery of the Nervous LionEnglishNovel
17The Mystery of the Singing SerpentEnglishNovel
18The Mystery of the Shrinking HouseEnglishNovel
19The Secret of Phantom LakeEnglishNovel
20The Mystery of Monster MountainEnglishNovel
21The Secret of the Haunted MirrorEnglishNovel
22The Mystery of the Dead Man's RiddleEnglishNovel
23The Mystery of the Invisible DogEnglishNovel
24The Mystery of Death Trap MineEnglishNovel
25The Mystery of the Dancing DevilEnglishNovel
26The Mystery of the Headless HorseEnglishNovel
27The Mystery of the Magic CircleEnglishNovel
28The Mystery of the Deadly DoubleEnglishNovel
29The Mystery of the Sinister ScarecrowEnglishNovel
30The Secret of Shark ReefEnglishNovel
31The Mystery of the Scar-Faced BeggarEnglishNovel
32The Mystery of the Blazing CliffsEnglishNovel
33The Mystery of the Purple PirateEnglishNovel
34The Mystery of the Wandering Cave ManEnglishNovel
35The Mystery of the Kidnapped WhaleEnglishNovel
36The Mystery of the Missing MermaidEnglishNovel
37The Mystery of the Two-Toed PigeonEnglishNovel
38The Mystery of the Smashing GlassEnglishNovel
39The Mystery of the Trail of TerrorEnglishNovel
40The Mystery of the Rogues' ReunionEnglishNovel
41The Mystery of the Creep-Show CrooksEnglishNovel
42The Mystery of Wrecker's RockEnglishNovel
43The Mystery of the Cranky CollectorEnglishNovel


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