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#NameFormatISBNRelease Date
1The Declaration of Independence of the United States of AmericaeBook?1971-12-01
2The United States Bill of RightseBook?1972-12-01
3John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural AddresseBook?1973-11-01
4Lincoln’s Gettysburg AddresseBook?1973-11-01
5The United States ConstitutioneBook?1975-12-01
6Give Me Liberty or Give Me DeatheBook?1976-12-01
7The Mayflower CompacteBook?1977-12-01
8Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural AddresseBook?1978-12-01
9Abraham Lincoln’s First Inaugural AddresseBook?1979-12-01
11Alice’s Adventures in WonderlandeBook?2008-06-27
12Through the Looking-GlasseBook?2008-06-25
13The Hunting of the Snark: An Agony in Eight FitseBook?2008-06-25
14The 1990 CIA World FactbookeBook?1991-04-01
15Moby-Dick; or, The WhaleeBook?1991-05-01
16Peter PaneBook?2008-06-25
18The Federalist PaperseBook?1991-08-01
20Paradise LosteBook?1992-02-01
21Aesop’s FableseBook?2008-06-25
23Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American SlaveeBook?2006-01-12
24O Pioneers!eBook?2008-06-27
26Paradise LosteBook?1992-02-01
27Far From the Madding CrowdeBook?1992-03-01
28The Fables of AesopeBook?1992-03-01
31Plays of Sophocles: Oedipus the King; Oedipus at Colonus; AntigoneeBook?2006-03-08
32Herland (English)eBook?2008-06-27
33The Scarlet LettereBook?1992-06-01
35The Time MachineeBook?2004-10-02
36The War of the WorldseBook?2004-10-01
41The Legend of Sleepy HolloweBook?2008-06-27
42The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeeBook?1992-10-01
43The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeeBook?2006-06-27
44The Song of the LarkeBook?2008-06-27
45Anne of Green GableseBook?2008-06-27
46A Christmas Carol in Prose; Being a Ghost Story of ChristmaseBook?2004-08-11
47Anne of AvonleaeBook?2006-03-08
51Anne of the IslandeBook?2006-03-08
54The Marvelous Land of OzeBook?1993-02-01
55The Wonderful Wizard of OzeBook?1993-02-01
57Aladdin and the Magic LampeBook?1993-03-01
58Paradise RegainedeBook?1993-03-01
59Discourse on the Method of Rightly Conducting One’s Reason and of Seeking Truth in the ScienceseBook?1993-03-01
60The Scarlet PimperneleBook?2006-03-08
61The Communist ManifestoeBook?2005-01-25
62A Princess of MarseBook?1993-04-01
64The Gods of MarseBook?1993-05-01
68The Warlord of MarseBook?1993-06-01
70What Is Man? and Other EssayseBook?2004-09-13
71On the Duty of Civil DisobedienceeBook?1993-06-01
72Thuvia, Maid of MarseBook?1993-07-01
73The Red Badge of Courage: An Episode of the American Civil WareBook?1993-07-01
74The Adventures of Tom SawyereBook?2004-07-01
76Adventures of Huckleberry FinneBook?2004-06-29
77The House of the Seven GableseBook?1993-08-01
78Tarzan of the ApeseBook?1993-08-01
81The Return of TarzaneBook?1993-09-01
82Ivanhoe: A RomanceeBook?2008-06-25
83From the Earth to the Moon; and, Round the MooneBook?1993-09-01
84Frankenstein; or, The Modern PrometheuseBook?1993-10-01
85The Beasts of TarzaneBook?1993-10-01
86A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s CourteBook?2004-07-07
90The Son of TarzaneBook?1993-11-01
91Tom Sawyer AbroadeBook?2004-09-14
92Tarzan and the Jewels of OpareBook?1993-12-01
93Tom Sawyer, DetectiveeBook?2004-09-14
94Alexander’s BridgeeBook?2006-03-08
95The Prisoner of ZendaeBook?2006-01-09
96The Monster MeneBook?1994-01-01
97Flatland: A Romance of Many DimensionseBook?1994-01-01
98A Tale of Two CitieseBook?1994-01-01
99Collected Articles of Frederick DouglasseBook?1994-01-01
100The Complete Works of William ShakespeareeBook?1994-01-01
102The Tragedy of Pudd’nhead WilsoneBook?2004-09-14
103Around the World in Eighty Days (Jules Verne)eBook?1994-01-01
104Inaugural Address of Franklin Delano RoosevelteBook?1994-02-01
106Jungle Tales of TarzaneBook?1994-02-01
107Far from the Madding CrowdeBook?1994-02-01
108The Return of Sherlock HolmeseBook?2006-03-08
109Renascence, and Other PoemseBook?1994-02-01
110Tess of the d’Urbervilles: A Pure WomaneBook?1994-02-01
113The Secret GardeneBook?1994-03-01
119A Tramp AbroadeBook?2004-06-19
120Treasure IslandeBook?2006-02-26
121Northanger AbbeyeBook?1994-04-01
122The Return of the NativeeBook?2006-03-08
123At the Earth’s CoreeBook?1994-04-01
125A Girl of the LimberlosteBook?2006-03-08
126The Poison BelteBook?1994-04-01
131The Pilgrim's Progress From This World to That Which Is to ComeeBook?1994-05-01
132The Art of WareBook?1994-05-01
133The Damnation of Theron WareeBook?2006-03-08
134Maria: or, The Wrongs of WomaneBook?2006-03-08
135Les MisérableseBook?2008-06-22
137Sara Crewe; or, What Happened at Miss Minchin’s Boarding SchooleBook?2006-03-08
138George Sand: Some Aspects of Her Life and WritingseBook?2006-03-11
139The Lost World (Arthur Conan Doyle)eBook?1994-06-01
140The JungleeBook?2006-03-11
141Mansfield ParkeBook?1994-06-01
142The $30,000 Bequest, and Other StorieseBook?2004-09-14
143The Mayor of CasterbridgeeBook?2006-03-11
144The Voyage OuteBook?2006-01-12
146A Little PrincesseBook?1994-07-01
147Common SenseeBook?1994-07-01
148The Autobiography of Benjamin FranklineBook?1994-07-01
149The Lost Continent (Edgar Rice Burroughs)eBook?1994-07-01
150The RepubliceBook?1994-07-01
151The Rime of the Ancient MarinereBook?2006-03-11
153Jude the ObscureeBook?1994-08-01
154The Rise of Silas LaphameBook?1994-08-01
155The MoonstoneeBook?2006-01-12
159The Island of Doctor MoreaueBook?2004-10-14
160The Awakening, and Selected Short StorieseBook?2006-03-11
161Sense and SensibilityeBook?1994-09-01
164Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the SeaeBook?1994-09-01
165McTeague: A Story of San FranciscoeBook?2006-03-12
167American Handbook of the DaguerreotypeeBook?1994-09-01
168The History and Practice of the Art of PhotographyeBook?1994-10-01
169The Well at the World’s End: A TaleeBook?1994-10-01
170The Haunted Hotel: A Mystery of Modern VeniceeBook?1994-10-01
171Charlotte TempleeBook?2006-03-12
172The Haunted BookshopeBook?1994-10-01
173The Insidious Dr. Fu ManchueBook?1994-10-01
174The Picture of Dorian GrayeBook?1994-10-01
175The Phantom of the OperaeBook?1994-10-01
176Roderick HudsoneBook?2006-03-12
177The AmericaneBook?2006-03-12
179The EuropeanseBook?2006-03-15
201Flatland: A Romance of Many DimensionseBook?1995-01-01
202My Bondage and My FreedomeBook?2008-07-02
203Uncle Tom’s CabineBook?2006-01-13
204The Innocence of Father BrowneBook?2008-07-09
205Walden, and On the Duty of Civil DisobedienceeBook?1995-01-01
207The Spell of the Yukon and Other VerseseBook?1995-01-01
208Daisy Miller: A StudyeBook?2008-07-03
209The Turn of the ScreweBook?1995-02-01
210An International EpisodeeBook?2008-07-09
211The Aspern PaperseBook?2008-06-29
213The Man from Snowy RivereBook?1995-02-01
214In the Days When the World Was Wide, and Other VerseseBook?2008-07-03
215The Call of the WildeBook?2008-07-02
216The Tao Teh KingeBook?1995-02-01
217Sons and LoverseBook?2006-01-16
219Heart of DarknesseBook?2006-01-09
220The Secret SharereBook?2006-01-09
221The Return of Sherlock HolmeseBook?1995-02-01
9654Lendas e narrativas, Tomo I (Project Gutenberg EBook #9654)eBook?2006-01-01
16384O mandarim (Project Gutenberg)eBook?2005-07-29
16425Amor de perdição: Memorias d'uma familia (Project Gutenberg EBook #16425)eBook?2005-08-03
16428Os fidalgos da Casa Mourisca: Chronica da aldeia (Project Gutenberg EBook #16428)eBook?2005-08-04
16443Uma família ingleza: Scenas da vida do Porto (Project Gutenberg EBook #16443)eBook?2005-08-05
17005Lendas e narrativas, Tomo II (Project Gutenberg EBook #17005)eBook?2005-11-04
17515A relíquia (Project Gutenberg EBook #17515)eBook?2006-01-14
17591Frei Luiz de Sousa (Project Gutenberg EBook #17591)eBook?2006-01-23
17639A alma nova (Project Gutenberg EBook #17639)eBook?2006-01-30
17927A queda d’um anjo (Project Gutenberg EBook #17927)eBook?2006-03-05
18220A Cidade e as Serras (Project Gutenberg EBook #18220)eBook?2006-04-21
20508Como eu atravessei Àfrica do Atlantico ao mar Indico, volume primeiro (Project Gutenberg EBook #20508)eBook?2007-02-02
20574O mysterio da estrada de Cintra: Cartas ao Diário de Noticias (Project Gutenberg EBook #20574)eBook?2007-02-12
20783Como eu atravessei Àfrica do Atlantico ao mar Indico, volume segundo (Project Gutenberg EBook #20783)eBook?2007-03-08
20841Os pobres: Precedido de uma carta-prefacio de Guerra Junqueiro (Project Gutenberg EBook #20841)eBook?2007-03-17
23145A Illustre Casa de Ramires (Project Gutenberg EBook #23145)eBook?2007-10-22
23961Manifesto anti-Dantas e por extenso (Project Gutenberg EBook #23961)eBook?2007-12-22
24401Viagens na minha terra (Completo) (Project Gutenberg EBook #24401)eBook?2008-01-22
26850Viriatho: Narrativa epo-historicaeBook?2008-10-09
26913O Assassino de Macario: Comedia em tres (Project Gutenberg EBook #26913)eBook?2008-10-13
26988Amor de salvação (Project Gutenberg EBook #26988)eBook?2008-10-21
29120A Morgadinha dos Cannaviaes (Project Gutenberg EBook #29120)eBook?2009-06-14
29394Historia alegre de Portugal: leitura para o povo e para as escolas (Project Gutenberg EBook #29394)eBook?2009-07-13
29979Os tripeiros: Romance-chronica do seculo XIV (Project Gutenberg EBook #29979)eBook?2009-09-13
30461A Morgadinha de Val-D'Amores / Entre a Flauta e a Viola: Theatro Comico de Camillo Castello Branco (Project Gutenberg EBook #30461)eBook?2009-11-13
31347Contos (Project Gutenberg EBook #31347)eBook?2010-02-22
31971O crime do padre Amaro: scenas da vida devota (Project Gutenberg EBook #31971)eBook?2010-04-13
32586O condemnado, drama em tres actos e quatro quadros; Seguido do drama em um acto, Como os anjos se vingam (Project Gutenberg EBook #32586)eBook?2010-05-29
32646Contos phantasticos (Project Gutenberg EBook #32646)eBook?2010-06-01
39618Humus (Project Gutenberg EBook #39618)eBook?2012-05-05
40409Os Maias: Episodios da vida romantica (Project Gutenberg EBook #40409)eBook?2012-08-04
42942O primo Bazilio: Episodio domestico (Project Gutenberg EBook #42942)eBook?2013-06-13
45966Eurico, o presbytero (Project Gutenberg EBook #45966)eBook?2014-06-14
54829Memorias posthumas de Braz Cubas (Project Gutenberg EBook #54829)eBook?2017-06-02
62094The Middle Five: Indian Boys at SchooleBook?2020-05-14
63406Contos e phantasias (Project Gutenberg EBook #63406)eBook?2020-10-08
67740Iracema: com uma noticia biographica do auctor (Project Gutenberg EBook #67740)eBook?2022-03-30
68807A confissão de Lucio: Narrativa (Project Gutenberg eBook #68807)eBook?2022-08-21
68905A brazileira de Prazins: scenas do Minho (Project Gutenberg eBook #68905)eBook?2022-09-04



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