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Hercule Poirot (English)

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Hercule Poirot
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Crime series written by Agatha Christie. Grouped as novels and short fiction in order of first publication.

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1The Mysterious Affair at StylesEnglishNovel
2The Murder on the LinksEnglishNovel
3The Murder of Roger AckroydEnglishNovel
4The Big FourEnglishNovel
5The Mystery of the Blue TrainEnglishNovel
6Peril at End HouseEnglishNovel
7Lord Edgware DiesEnglishNovel
8Murder on the Orient ExpressEnglishNovel
9Three Act TragedyEnglishNovel
10Death in the CloudsEnglishNovel
11The ABC MurdersEnglishNovel
12Murder in MesopotamiaEnglishNovel
13Cards on the TableEnglishNovel
14Der ballspielende HundGermanNovel
14Dumb WitnessEnglishNovel
15Death on the Nile (Agatha Christie novel)EnglishNovel
16Appointment with DeathEnglishNovel
17Hercule Poirot's ChristmasEnglishNovel
18Sad CypressEnglishNovel
19One, Two, Buckle My ShoeEnglishNovel
20Evil Under the SunEnglishNovel
21Five Little PigsEnglishNovel
22The HollowEnglishNovel
23Taken at the FloodEnglishNovel
24Mrs. McGinty's DeadEnglishNovel
25After the FuneralEnglishNovel
26Hickory Dickory DockEnglishNovel
27Dead Man's FollyEnglishNovel
28Cat Among the PigeonsEnglishNovel
29The ClocksEnglishNovel
30Third GirlEnglishNovel
31Hallowe'en PartyEnglishNovel
32Elephants Can RememberEnglishNovel
33Curtain: Poirot's Last CaseEnglishNovel
S1The Affair at the Victory BallEnglishShort Story
S2The Curious Disappearance of the Opalsen PearlsEnglishShort Story
S3The Adventure of the King of ClubsEnglishShort Story
S4The Disappearance of Mr DavenheimEnglishShort Story
S5The Adventure of the ‘Western Star’EnglishShort Story
S6The Tragedy at Marsdon ManorEnglishShort Story
S7The Kidnapped Prime MinisterEnglishShort Story
S8The Million Dollar Bond RobberyEnglishShort Story
S9The Adventure of the Cheap FlatEnglishShort Story
S10The Mystery of Hunter's LodgeEnglishShort Story
S11The Clue of the Chocolate BoxEnglishShort Story
S12The Adventure of the Egyptian TombEnglishShort Story
S13The Case of the Veiled LadyEnglishShort Story
S14The Kidnapping of Johnny WaverlyEnglishShort Story
S15The Market Basing MysteryEnglishShort Story
S16The Adventure of the Italian NoblemanEnglishShort Story
S17The Case of the Missing WillEnglishShort Story
S18The Submarine PlansEnglishShort Story
S19The Mystery of the Plymouth ExpressEnglishShort Story
S20The Adventure of the Clapham CookEnglishShort Story
S21The Lost MineEnglishShort Story
S22The Cornish MysteryEnglishShort Story
S23The Double ClueEnglishShort Story
S24The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding (1923 version)EnglishShort Story
S25The Lemesurier InheritanceEnglishShort Story
S26The Unexpected GuestEnglishShort Story
S27The Adventure of the Dartmoor BungalowEnglishShort Story
S28The Lady on the StairsEnglishShort Story
S29The Radium ThievesEnglishShort Story
S30In the House of the EnemyEnglishShort Story
S31The Yellow Jasmine MysteryEnglishShort Story
S32The Chess ProblemEnglishShort Story
S33The Baited TrapEnglishShort Story
S34The Adventure of the Peroxide BlondeEnglishShort Story
S35The Terrible CatastropheEnglishShort Story
S36The Dying ChinamanEnglishShort Story
S37The Crag in the DolomitesEnglishShort Story
S38The Under DogEnglishShort Story
S38Der PrügelknabeGermanShort Story
S39Double SinEnglishShort Story
S40Das WespennestGermanShort Story
S40Wasps' NestEnglishShort Story
S41In the Third Floor FlatEnglishShort Story
S42The Mystery of the Baghdad ChestEnglishShort Story
S43The Second GongEnglishShort Story
S44How Does Your Garden Grow?EnglishShort Story
S45Problem at Pollensa Bay (Hercule Poirot version)EnglishShort Story
S46Problem at SeaEnglishShort Story
S47Triangle at RhodesEnglishShort Story
S48Poirot and the Regatta MysteryEnglishShort Story
S49Murder in the MewsEnglishNovella
S50Der Spiegel des TotenGermanNovella
S50Dead Man’s MirrorEnglishNovella
S51The Incredible TheftEnglishNovella
S52Yellow IrisEnglishShort Story
S53The Dream (Agatha Christie short story)EnglishShort Story
S53Der Traum (Agatha Christie short story)GermanShort Story
S54Invisible EnemyEnglishShort Story
S55The Disappearance of Winnie KingEnglishShort Story
S56The Vulture WomenEnglishShort Story
S57Midnight MadnessEnglishShort Story
S58The Case of the Nemean LionEnglishShort Story
S59The Arcadian DeerEnglishShort Story
S60The Erymanthian BoarEnglishShort Story
S61The Augean StablesEnglishShort Story
S62Poison CupEnglishShort Story
S63Weird MonsterEnglishShort Story
S64The Horses of DiomedesEnglishShort Story
S65Four and Twenty BlackbirdsEnglishShort Story
S66Meet Me in HellEnglishShort Story
S67The Mystery of the Spanish ChestEnglishNovella
S68The Theft of the Royal Ruby (1960 version)EnglishShort Story
S69The Incident of the Dog's BallEnglishShort Story
S70Hercule Poirot and the Greenshore FollyEnglishNovella


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