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Miss Marple (English)

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Miss Marple
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Crime series written by Agatha Christie.
Publication order.

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1The Murder at the Vicarage (Agatha Christie novel)EnglishNovel
2Liket i biblioteketSwedishNovel
2The Body in the LibraryEnglishNovel
3The Moving Finger (Agatha Christie novel)EnglishNovel
4A Murder Is AnnouncedEnglishNovel
5They Do It with MirrorsEnglishNovel
6A Pocket Full of RyeEnglishNovel
74.50 from PaddingtonEnglishNovel
8The Mirror Crack'd from Side to SideEnglishNovel
8Mord im Spiegel oder Dummheit ist gefährlichGermanNovel
9A Caribbean MysteryEnglishNovel
10At Bertram's HotelEnglishNovel
11Nemesis (Agatha Christie novel)EnglishNovel
12Sleeping Murder: Miss Marple's Last CaseEnglishNovel
S1Der Dienstagabend-Klub (short story by Agatha Christie)GermanShort Story
S1The Tuesday Night ClubEnglishShort Story
S2Der Tempel der AstarteGermanShort Story
S2The Idol House of AstarteEnglishShort Story
S3Ingots of GoldEnglishShort Story
S3Die verschwundenen GoldbarrenGermanShort Story
S4The Blood-Stained PavementEnglishShort Story
S4Der rote BadeanzugGermanShort Story
S5Die überlistete SpiritistinGermanShort Story
S5Motive v. OpportunityEnglishShort Story
S6The Thumb Mark of St. PeterEnglishShort Story
S6Der Daumenabdruck des heiligen PetrusGermanShort Story
S7The Blue GeraniumEnglishShort Story
S7Die blaue GeranieGermanShort Story
S8The Four SuspectsEnglishShort Story
S8Die vier VerdächtigenGermanShort Story
S9Die WeihnachtstragödieGermanShort Story
S9The Hat and the AlibiEnglishShort Story
S10Die GesellschafterinGermanShort Story
S10The Resurrection of Amy DurrantEnglishShort Story
S11The Herb of DeathEnglishShort Story
S11Das TodeskrautGermanShort Story
S12The Affair at the BungalowEnglishShort Story
S12Die seltsame Angelegenheit mit dem BungalowGermanShort Story
S13Der Fall von St. Mary MeadGermanShort Story
S13Death by DrowningEnglishShort Story
S14Miss Marple Tells a StoryEnglishShort Story
S15The Case of the CaretakerEnglishShort Story
S16Strange JestEnglishShort Story
S17Tape-Measure MurderEnglishShort Story
S17Die StecknadelGermanShort Story
S18The Perfect MaidEnglishShort Story
S19Das Asyl (Agatha Christie short story)GermanShort Story
S19Murder at the Vicarage (Agatha Christie short story)EnglishShort Story
S20Greenshaw's FollyEnglishShort Story
S20Greenshaws MonstrumGermanShort Story


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