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Timeless Resonance Of Surrounding Vision
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Timeless Resonance Of Surrounding Vision
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English, Middle (1100-1500)

Created by paakraasi, 2018-05-05

Revision Notes

  • Obviously, there is no shortage of ordinary Bengali books. Especially for several centuries, many versions of different texts have emerged. Moreover, there is a published version of Visva Bharati. But why the selection of another selected compilation in the Internet edition! In this case we have very little to say. From 1996 to 2017 - there have been many reasons for the readers' change of taste in this long time. Today we have reached a century, where the logic of emotions is big, science continues. But the wonderful manifestation of the poet's mentality in the wide range of horoscopes of literature, the thinker, the society and the culture provides new ideas hidden in the eighteenth century. Poetry has been selected to find the armaments of the whole of the book, which will keep the readers alive for several centuries. Today, literature does not attract the reader equally. That's why we tried, publishing a compilation of ancient and modern biographies for the author's readers. Apart from the selected texts in the current set, there are several more compositions that cannot be currently published. We are brave to ridicule the unscrupulous business venture that has become strong in literature. We are eager to reach the hands of the readers of pure literature alone, not monitory purpose. If the reader reports any errors, then the next set will be corrected.

    — paakraasi, 2018-05-05 06:55:16