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Sunil Butolia

Unlocked Achievements
Revisionist I

Perform one revision

Author Creator I

Create one author

Locked Achievements
Revisionist II

Perform 50 revisions

Revisionist III

Perform 250 revisions

Author Creator II

Create 10 authors

Author Creator III

Create 100 authors

Publisher I

Create one edition group

Publisher II

Create 10 edition groups

Publisher III

Create 100 edition groups


Create 10 revisions in an hour

Fun Runner

Create a revision every day for a week


Create a revision a day for 30 days

Time Traveller

Create an edition before it is released

Hot Off the Press

Create an edition within a week of its release

Publisher Creator I

Create one publisher

Publisher Creator II

Create 10 publishers

Publisher Creator III

Create 100 publishers

Limited Edition I

Create one edition

Limited Edition II

Create 10 editions

Limited Edition III

Create 100 editions

Worker Bee I

Create one work

Worker Bee II

Create 10 works

Worker Bee III

Create 100 editions

Explorer I

View 10 different entities

Explorer II

View 100 different entities

Explorer III

View 1000 different entities


Successfully participated in Google Summer of Code